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Wordpress-Like 3-Second Installation on shared hosting

All the installation instructions for openphoto i've seen so far heavily depended on unix / Command-Line savvy users.
Lets assume 1.) you are not one of those and 2.) you have a shared hosting account, where you would like to setup openphoto.

A simple package containing a php-based installer which you could upload to your ftp space and install es simple as open yourdomain.com/openphoto/install.php would be perfect.

Simply as wordpress does it with the 1-2-3 installer.

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    grimmet shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • Stephen Judge commented  · 

        I would also like to recommend getting a script for a shared hosting installer listed with Softaculous, they already have a huge list of shared hosting installable apps. My current hosting provider uses them for offering script installations to their customers. I use it all the time for installing and updating the apps I use. The full catalogue of their available apps is here http://www.softaculous.com/softaculous/apps . At present people can request new apps to be added via the forum http://www.softaculous.com/board/index.php?fid=2&fname=Suggestions but if you are an app developer I am sure there is an easier way to offer your script to them for inclusion probably by just contacting them http://www.softaculous.com/contact

      • Stephen Judge commented  · 

        Is there any progress on making this possible yet. The idea was suggested in 2011 with Jmathai responding that is could be possible with some minor changes. Have these minor changes be implemented yet or can they be? I recognise you are trying to build a business with Trovebox but one of the benefits of using OpenPhoto for me is that I have complete control over the storage and ownership of my photos and I want to host them in my own shared hosting that I am paying for already. I just don't have the knowledge and funds to start using a VPS for current OpenPhoto setup instructions. I really really want a way to easily install this on shared hosting.

      • David commented  · 

        Still waiting for this. I would love to use it on shared hosting one way or another--I've got other things running on my server and I don't want openphoto to be loading as my only website. But I sure want openphoto.

      • Jan commented  · 

        Would really appreciate to see OpenPhoto being integrated in Installatron... would solve many problems for many.

      • Beun commented  · 

        Hmmm... It's almost 2013, but as far as I can see, no news on a decent "Wordpress-Like 3-Second Installation on shared hosting"-explanation...

        If I may say so, I'm kind of disappointed. Maybe I shouldn't be, because of course in no way whatsoever is anyone at openphoto obligated to do anything for me. I'm just some guy on the interwebs.
        But on the other hand, this openphoto-thing seemed to be just what I was looking for. And I really, really wanted to install it on my own shared hosting environment, and then use it and tell everyone about how great this openphoto-thing really is.
        So I guess it's all about enthusiasm that has to be curbed.

        Too bad...

        Can anyone shed some light on why this hasn't been picked up yet? This request has 208 (at the moment) votes. There are only four requests with more votes.
        I'm curious...

      • AdminJmathai (Hacker, The OpenPhoto Project) commented  · 

        @birwin, Thanks for the feedback. A better channel to get support help is our google group at openphoto@googlegroups.com.

        You can either grant SUPER privileges to the database user or set the global log_bin_trust_function_creators system variable to 1.

        If that doesn't help then send an email to the group and we'll get it sorted out.

      • birwin commented  · 


        First of all, AWESOME work on OpenPhoto! Love the new support for albums!

        I have started to experiment with installing OpenPhoto 3.0 on a shared hosting account. In particular the Rackspace Cloud Sites platform.

        I downloaded and unzipped the 3.0 zip file. I uploaded the entire contents of the "src" directory to the root of my shared host, which is:

        I created a folder called "userdata" in my document root and gave write permissions to it.
        I created another folder called "photos" in the html directory and gave write permissions to it.

        I found some documentation on how to change the document root via an htaccess file. I created an htaccess file and uploaded it to my root directory.

        Here is a link to the root htaccess:

        This changed the document root from /web/content/ to /web/content/html/

        I kept getting internal server errors, so I opened up the htaccess file in the html folder and added the following directly under "RewriteEngine on":
        RewriteBase /

        Here is a link to the html folder htaccess:

        Now when I load my site, the setup pages loads.

        I fill in all of the details, email, s3 authentication info, I am using MySQL so I created a database and entered the connection info.

        After all of the required info was set, I clicked on the "Complete Setup" button. After a few seconds, the "Ooops" message appears: "We could not find the page you were looking for".

        I noticed the s3 bucket was created, the tables were created in the mysql database, but the site configuration file was not created in /userdata/configs/
        I checked the permissions of that folder and everything was ok there.

        The php_errors.log file indicated the following error:

        [18-Jul-2012 05:52:18 UTC] {severity:crit, description:"Query error: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 1419 You do not have the SUPER privilege and binary logging is enabled (you *might* want to use the less safe log_bin_trust_function_creators variable) - DROP TRIGGER IF EXISTS `pre_increment_album_photo_count`;", additional:}

        It seems as if the install is getting squashed by the above MySQL error 1419. Could there be a work-around to this error? Or is this something that is particular to the constraints of my shared web host?

        Thanks in advance for any tips.

      • Brandon Tilus commented  · 

        @Jmathai Sounds like @Beun and I are looking for the exact same information.

        Perhaps an instructional for shared hosting would look something like:

        1) Upload this <link> file to your shared server HTML root and un-zip. Your files should now be located at yourdomain.com/public_html/

        2) Create a MySQL database and assign a user with all privileges.

        3) Open the abc.dfg file and enter the name of your database on line 23, the database user on line 24 and the user password on 25.

        4) Finally visit yourdomain.com/instal in your web browser and follow the instructions to complete your installation.

      • AdminJmathai (Hacker, The OpenPhoto Project) commented  · 

        Beun, Ideally the html directory *is* your docroot. Assuming it's not you can follow these posts to get your answer. This person was installing it in a similar manner to what you're describing.

        As far as MySql details, once you get everything working just load the site up in your browser and it will take you through a setup that asks for all the information it needs to set itself up.


      • Beun commented  · 

        @Jmathai Thanks for the direct link to the ZIP with the necessary files.
        ( https://github.com/openphoto/frontend/tags )

        So now I have a ZIP-file. I can unpack it and upload the contents of it via FTP to my apache based shared hosting environment.

        Do I upload the contents of the ZIP-file "as is"? I don't think that's a good idea?
        I think the contents of the folder named "html" should be uploaded to the location where I want my OpenPhoto website to be located, but then where to put the other folders from the ZIP-file? (libraries, templates, tests, configs)
        Do I upload these folders to the same place I uploaded the _contents_ of the html folder from the ZIP-file to?

        Then the MySQL-database. I can create that of course.
        But then what file do I open with Notepad(++) to enter the database details into?

        If the above is finished, the files have been uploaded, the database has been created, and the database details have been entered into the correct file.
        Should OpenPhoto now be able to run on my own shared hosting environment?

        (Keep in mind the above is NOT command line based. I cannot (am not allowed to) use the command line because I am on a shared hosting environment. This also means this documentation is of no use to me: http://theopenphotoproject.org/documentation/guide/InstallationUbuntuApache )

        Thanks! :)

      • AdminJmathai (Hacker, The OpenPhoto Project) commented  · 

        @Buen Here's the link for Ubuntu/Apache.

        @Brandon are you able to download the 1.3.2 tag, unzip and upload to your webhost? If that's too complicated let me know how we can make it easier.

        Our friends at CASH Music have a single file you ftp to a host and then call it with a browser and it kicks off an install. Their system doesn't have as many moving parts as OpenPhoto but it might be a great way to bootstrap an installation.

      • Brandon Tilus commented  · 

        @Jmathai I'm with @Beun.

        Things like "command line call to the test API" I don't even know where to start. And my shared environment doesn't give me access to Apache and PHP. Can you dumb it down more?

      • Beun commented  · 

        @Jmathai You wrote:
        "Just follow any of the guides and you'll be presented with the installer.
        http://theopenphotoproject.org/documentation "

        It might very well be that I am not looking in the right place, but I cannot find the installer.

        You would be doing me a really big favor if you could just post a link, right here, to the installer for apache systems :)

      • Martin commented  · 

        @jmathai, so where can i find the installer?

      • AdminJmathai (Hacker, The OpenPhoto Project) commented  · 

        @Martin, our current installer is a 3 step installer that works similarly to how you explained. We don't have docs yet on setting it up on most webhosts but will have those docs soon.

      • Martin commented  · 

        @Jmathai I would try the Installer, but i cant find it. For me it seems like only root Users can Install openphoto by use of a skript.

        What is missing in this Project is a Installer + Tutorial for the "I can Install Joomla/Wordpress user" on a shared Hosting server that is like:

        1. Download Package here.
        2. ftp your package to your webspace
        3. Call www.webspace/installer
        4. enter mysql details
        5. done

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